5 ways for boosting your creative thinking!

You love to create magic tricks or cardistry moves? But sometimes it's hard for you to get inspired? You know that problem, of course.

Let us present you five great ways to become more creative. 

1. Enrich Your Environment.

For creating magical miracles or great moves it's a good idea to work in different environments, trying out a new place, desk, or even city to get fresh perspective. This way, no matter where you look, you’ll find something new—and that something new could spark your next breakthrough. Get inspired!

2. Let Your Ideas Flow

Dont think your ideas are bad. Write down everything! Let your ideas flow constantly—whenever you come up with something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, write it down. Eventually, you’ll have a massive list of potential ideas for exploration. Many of these will end up getting thrown out, but the few that don’t will serve as brilliant jumping-off points.

3. Seek Inspiration Everywhre

Explore Instagram, YouTube for cardistry moves, playing cards and magic - but thats not it. Look at the creative branding of items in the grocery store. Examine how people interact with each other at the airport. Marvel at the beauty of the park. All of these small moments can give you a fresh perspective or a flash of inspiration when you need it most.

4. Play with Word Associations. 

Remix? Some of the best ideas aren’t generated out of thin air; they’re imagined out of two independent ideas that already exist. These ideas are connected sometimes randomly by unexpected occurrences; you can simulate these occurrences by playing word association games. Just an example!

5. Read. 

It may seem simple, or obvious, or impractical to you, but we promise you—start reading more often, and you’ll find your mind brimming with more creative options. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog entry. What are your ways for a creative thinking? We would love to know. Stay positive! #aeycatcherfam



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