Aey Catcher Velvet Edition Deck Review

A few months ago Lukas asked me to give him some advice on the AEY Catcher Velvet edition deck. I gave him some small pointers for the deck like what extra cards to add and why.

When I first saw the design of the new deck I was very excited, however, the thing that bothered me was that the back design might be a bit too distracting and vibrant.

I was completely wrong, I received the deck a few days ago and I have to say. It is beautiful, the colors on the back are very subtle but in perfect balance to make the deck look interesting and sophisticated.

That might be one thing, the deck looks cool. But, I have handled many decks that looked amazing and intriguing, but, ended up to handling like shit.

I am glad to announce that this deck is different, it handles really well. The first thing that caught my eye was the finish and stock. the linen is more subtle than the Copag 310, however, the work is bigger than the Aristocrat deck from theory 11. This gives the deck a really flexible yet durable feeling.

The first moment when I was handling the deck, this thought came to my mind: “This deck makes me feel confident”. It is true, it handles like a dream for stand-up work. It second deals and double lifts wonderfully. The only thing that I noticed is that I prefer the deck a little bit less for tabled work. This won’t be so much of a problem. It is not bad for table work, I just need a bit of time to get used to it.

Before I sign off I want you guys to know that even though I was involved in the process of producing the deck, I tried to give you an opinion that is honest and that reflects the way that I think about the deck, involved or not.



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