Playing Card Review by a community member

Back Design:

The Winter Edition 17/18 features a modern and unique design with a gradient dark blue and sharp yellow color in the middle of the back which is definitely eye-catching for the audience and spectators. For spreads and fans, the back design creates an interesting pattern. The back design is created for magic and cardistry.

Front Faces Design:

The custom faces’ design looks very robotic and all the faces use gradient colour. However, it won’t distract your audience and affect your performance.

How the Cards Feel:

The Winter Edition 17/18 feels extremely smooth, it spreads and fans very well. It is definitely the best choice for beginners who are struggling with learning spreads and fans. Of course, it is also for professional magicians and cardists who like smooth cards.

The deck also has very smooth edges right out of the box. 

The deck is very soft so that it’s easier to do moves such as “The Spring”, “Waterfall”, “Lepaul Spread” and “Dribble”. Due to all the features of this premium deck, you can just use it straight out of the box and don’t require a “break-in process”


The deck is extremely durable! When I was going to make a throwing cards video, I thought I would need to throw the deck away after the video, but it was amazingly fine afterwards and I can use it for fanning, spreads and cuts still. 

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