Behind the scenes?

Hi, my name is Bart Uriot and I’m one of the artist at AEY Catcher. For the last three weeks we worked very hard on a new project of AEY Catcher. Last Tuesday we filmed this project in the biggest casino of the Netherlands! We got a lot of help from people of the AEY Catcher community, many thanks!

It’s going to be a tutorial in Dutch on how to shuffle playing cards in a professional way. Not only that but I will also teach techniques in the video that will help on how you can learn it in a faster way.

Also there is going to be a challenge for the beginners. They need to post a video of their riffle shuffle on Instagram that they have learned in one week.

With this I want to let the people in the Netherlands know about our community! About quality playing cards, cardistry, magic and all of the talented people.

We also have plans to do the tutorials in English, for the international beginners out there that need just that little help to get started.

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