Believe in yourself

Last Amsterdam Magic Show I had a very interesting experience.

Usually, when I attend the show I perform magic on stage and before the show I do some close-up magic while making sure that everyone has a great time.

This time, however, was a bit different.

This show I was scheduled to do the tech of the show. For those of you who don’t know what that is, I basically had to make sure that all the music was playing at the right time, the right lights were on at the right moment and that the microphones were working properly with the right volume.

I had some training in using mixing panels for light and sound, but when the show actually started I got a little bit overwhelmed. There were these 3 big ass mixing panels and I had to control all of them at the same time in the begging.

I was crazy afraid to make a mistake.

In the first 10 min of the show, I was stressed like crazy and I was pretty afraid to make mistakes until I realized something.

I realized that I can start to trust myself and that I cannot really do anything wrong, I made a mistake earlier in the show and that actually added something fresh, new and funny to the show that everyone enjoyed.

I started to believe more in myself while I was behind this mixing panel and I started to play around, It was so much fun!

Once I allowed myself to make mistakes all that fear turned into pure fun, I was having a great time and after the first 10 min, everything started to go great!

The lesson that I learned on that day was to just believe in myself and I want to ask you to do the same.

You are capable of way more than you think you are.


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