Classic Vernon!

Today I had to think about visiting London, last October.

In London I was having a wonderful magic jam with some magicians from London.

At one point a man named Chris Wood showed me an effect that he was working on. We couldn´t figure one thing out and what he said was very interesting.

He said, “Lets do classic Vernon and see what it would look like if we could really do it”.

This reminded me of something very important from Dai Vernon. Naturalness but also doing something as if you are really doing it.

The first time I heard about misdirection it was properly explained but, poorly conceptualized.

The explanation was that you would make someone pay attention to a place where you were not doing anything. But, you make it feel important so that you can do something else in the background.

The explanation was good but, there are a few obstacles to overcome. The most common one is to have it make sense. If you let people focus on one thing and there was no sense behind it, then people will feel betrayed.

I understood what misdirection was but I could never properly use it. And this made me feel a bit insecure about magic.

Until I read the Vernon book of magic, reading this changed everything!

In the book there is a chapter about the “Vernon touch” and this chapter blew my mind. In this chapter, Vernon talks about masking the sleight of hand in an action as if you were really doing it.

I started to ask myself “How would it look like if I could really do this” or “What would it look like if I’m doing the real action”. Creating the misdirection for sleight of hand from this standpoint is interesting and important.

When I started to understand this my magic started to evolve a lot and I started to become more confident with my magic and my moves.

However, above I mention one more thing and that is the “how would it look like”.

This is something I became attend to today again. If we are doing a magical effect, try to visualize what it would look like if you could really do it and then imitate the mental image.

Play with it and enjoy!


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