Confidence In Magic

“Confidence is the key bro” is the sentence that you hear a lot when dudes want to “pick up” girls in a club. Even tough this is about magic, I will tell you the exact same sentence.

Confidence is the key dudes and dudettes.
Confidence might be the key but, the key to what.? When we are performing magic and we are done with an effect, or while we are performing an effect. We are always looking for some kind of conformation of the spectator. Some spectators show more, some show less and some show non. The thing is they usually never mean bad. Although, sometimes people are just fucking with you.

When we are looking for the conformation it can take the audience out of the magic moment. It can drag them away from appreciating the feeling that they just received.


Because they have to react to you and tell you that you did a good job or tell you that it was nice what you did. However, if you can appear truly confident that the magic that you are doing is beautiful and good magic.

Only than the audience will start to appreciate the magic on a new level.

Remember the audience don’t know what they like or want, it is your Job as the magician to give them the right thing.


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