Day Dreaming magic

“If you can get the image of the screen of your mind, you can do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get the image” -Bob Proctor.

Daydreaming is perfect for magic.

This doesn’t have to mean that you are gone for about 30 minutes and no one can talk to you.

It just means that you get a vision or as Tommy wonder would describe it a dream.

You get this vision on the screen of your mind.

This vision is something that you want to create or that has already been created.

Allow yourself to fully see this vision and work from there.

When you get the vision try to work out how to do it, if you don’t know it yet. But, be sure to stay true to your vision.

Sometimes something funny happens. You get a vision and you are super engaged with it. One day you forget about it, then 2 years later you get reminded of it and you actually know how to do it.

Daydreaming and receiving visions is a perfect way of creating new magic and magical acts.

Sometimes though we might get a vision and perfectly know how to achieve it. In that case, allow yourself to be the instrument of the vision and create what is coming through you.


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