Dream Supportive Thinking

Magic is an ever-changing subject, just like our life situation is ever changing at this moment.

No one of us knows what is going to happen, what is going to be and when things will go back to normal, if at all.

I hear people all around me that they miss the old times, they miss the parties, they miss their friends from abroad and they miss their old lives.

Even though I can’t help but to agree with people, it is important to find a new perspective for things, a different way of looking at things.

We might live in the most connected, yet socially distance time ever so what do we do until this is over?

We go inside! We study, we improve and we work on our dream. These times are important, because where a lot of people are using their times inefficiently and are wasting their lives away there is a very select group of people out there taking advantage of these times. People who go with the flow, or the TAO as some say. These people realize we can’t change anything and these people spend their times studying, creating and improving.

What I want to challenge all of you to do is to think about your dream.

What is your dream? What would be a satisfying way for you to live your life and to earn your living? Get this straight, write it down and do activities which are supportive of your dream.

Whenever you do something think about this “is this helping me to achieve my dream or not?”. When looking at this however, there is a big mistake people tend to make. Whenever we are on Netflix or watching a YouTube video for fun, we tend to beat ourselves up over it, but, what we don’t realize is that those activities are sometimes very supportive of our dreams. We all need rest and we all need to chill from time to time. These rest periods will actually make us more productive later on and we will get more done in less time.

If you do something that is not supportive of your dream, that’s fine, but only as long as it is a conscious choice. You don’t always have to do “dream supportive activity” but realize the consequences of the choice that you’ve made.

The goal is to live a more conscious happier live, just remember you can live any life that you want to live.

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