Gimmicks in magic

The magic industry today is giving off the wrong image.

The image is wrong in the way that it makes you believe things.

It is wrong in the message that it gives off to young magicians.

It is wrong in the message that it gives off to the people watching your magic.

Magic is often referred to as “The art of magic”. People that refer to the art in this way, are usually hardcore practitioners of the craft and people that really love magic.

The message that the industry is giving off to people right now is that you can buy your skill as a magician.

This is not true.

You can not buy your skill as a magician. But a lot of people think you can. Just buy the new trick or the new gimmick and you will become better. The sad thing is that this is not true.

If you keep buying magic you will not improve in magic. You will keep going in circles, round and round and round until you are back in the beginning.

Sure you might find an effect which is better and gets a better reaction but, you will not improve your magic in a big way.

Yesterday, I was talking to Michael Vincent about this. We talked about the use of gimmicks in magic.

Personally, I used to hate the use of gimmicks and I resorted purely to sleight of hand. Until I met Mike 3 years ago and we had a few talks about this.

Now I’m of the opinion that gimmicks are great tools to fuse with sleight of hand. Gimmicks are amazing to ring in and out of the performance as they can create real miracles.

Mike made me attend to the fact that the Viennese magician Hofzinser used to use a lot of gimmicks in his magic. He would ring them in and out of his performance.

But, there was one very big difference with the magic that is performed with gimmicks today. Hofzinser would always end clean. He could give the deck away and there would nothing to be found.

The magic industry gives off the wrong image that you can buy magic. And if you keep buying magic you derive yourself of the huge pleasure of studying and practicing magic.

However, if you can find the perfect merger between gimmicks and sleight of hand you will be ready to create real miracles.

Go out there, study and create some beautiful magic!



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