Giving is a beautiful thing and it can be done in many different ways.

Giving someone your love, giving someone a present or even a small little thing like giving someone the gift of remembering their names.

Giving is a truly wonderful thing and it is the only thing we can do to receive things.

“give to the world and the world shall give back to you”.

This rule also applies in the opposite way.

“Take from the world and the world shall take from”.

Understanding the philosophy above is already life changing but, there is a hindrance we have to understand.

If we are giving in order to receive we are not really “giving” we are “taking”. If we do the previous we are only giving with the Intention to take.

When you are truly giving, you are giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

The above is very philosophical and will actually help you a lot in life. But, how do we relate this to magic?

Got an answer?

The answer I’ve found is: that when performing magic see it as a truly selfless act. See it as an act of giving your audience something. Have the pure intention of sharing the impossible with them.

At least, Sharing the impossible that is my intention. So I ask you to find your own intention behind magic.

What can your magic give to an audience?

What can you give to them by just being there?

In which way can you provide value?

Answer these questions for yourself and it won’t only help you out in magic. But, also in life.



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