Going To The Stage

Magic for me is an ever-changing interest.

I love magic with cards.

I love magic with coins.

I love any kind of close-up magic.

But, recently I also started to love parlor and stage magic.

I used to be very focused on close-up magic. This started out with playing cards and eventually, other things came into the picture.

Like everyone, I started out in the orientation phase, What kind of magic do I want to do?

Until I started to go deeper into the rabbit hole, stage magic never really appealed to me. The things that I saw from people were all things that I could buy and then perform it.

There was no grand stage illusion or anything on stage that really impressed me. However, When I started to read more about magic history and how the masters used to perform magic, it blew my mind. I got a rush of energy through my body and something clicked.

The performers back in the day used to be really good! Almost everyone was working on their own illusion and stagecraft. The most acknowledged magicians of the time used to work really hard on creating new and innovative illusions. To perfect the craft and come close to real magic.

A woman would vanish in the middle of a stage, a donkey would disappear from a cage and a human head on a table was interacting with the audience while there was nothing under or around the table.

When I realized all of this I started to understand that the stage is a wonderful place to bring ideas to life. It is a wonderful place to share myself.

I started to love magic on stages as much as I love close-up because It gives me a place to share my philosophical ideas.

Performing and working on an act for the stage gave me a new appreciation for magic and it gives me so much more satisfaction!



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