How To Deal With Hecklers

A question that is asked a lot on magic forums, to YouTubers, and in the magic community in general, is: “How do I deal with hecklers”.

There is a lot written about this, from a heckler not really being a heckler, but wanting to pull the best out of you, to shutting him completely down and making everyone feel like he is an asshole.

I believe that the real problem with “Hecklers” (if there even is such a thing) is miss understood.

We are always looking at the outside, but we are never looking at our own behavior and intention (inside) that might bring up this behavior.

A heckler doesn’t just exist, no one wants to shut down a fun kind of entertainment that everyone else is thoroughly enjoying.  The problem lies in our own intention and thoughts. A lot of us are still doing magic to show how cool we are and how dumb other people are, and if not how dumb, how much superior we are. We do magic because it gives us a feeling of importance. I have been guilty of this as well.

Let’s say that we change this idea, we change it from a “taking idea” (I want to get approval from you) to a “giving Idea” (I want to allow you to have a good time). No one is going to be mean to you while you are giving them something, people appreciate it and will love you more for it.

The truth about the “Taking idea” is that when you want to get something from them and show them how cool you are, your whole attitude will point towards this, everything you do and even every little gesture. It draws a certain kind of behavior out of your audience.

So the short answer on how to deal with hecklers is to reevaluate your intentions in magic and why you are doing magic, it should always be giving and never taking.


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