Intention In Magic

The question “Why should the audience care” is a very big and important question for us to ask as any performing artist.

In magic especially it is a very important question to consider. I can remember someone saying “The trick is not how the ball got under the cup, the trick Is how to make the audience care about the ball under the cup”.

Even though the previous question is an important one to consider, this blog will focus on a question which is rooted even deeper in our human consciousness.

A question that is even more important than making the audience care, is: “What is my intention with magic?”. To put this down in a more common way: “Why do I do magic?”. This question is a very important one. Nicely enough it already helps you to make the audience care more about your magic!

The question of your intentions behind magic, is one that you usually start to answer after you’ve been doing magic for 1-2 years. It is a very important question to consider, and even by having it written down on a piece of paper you can instantly see a chance in the audience's reaction to your performance.

Now you might wonder what an example of an intention might be? I will give you my intention behind magic. My intention “Is to show people the impossible” & “To give people a unique experience”. Both of these intentions have 1 thing in common, Both of these intentions are Giving.

Giving means that both intentions are providing value to the people that I intend to perform for. Always be sure that your intentions are from a place of giving people something and not from a place of taking something from people (I will go deeper into this subject in a later blog).

For now, just sit down and take a look at your intentions. If it doesn’t come up right away, don’t try to force it and just let the idea linger in your mind for a few days. Something will come up.


Happy new year everyone, loads of cool stuff is going to drop in 2019. Stay tuned!


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