Interpretering Magic

In an earlier blog, I wrote that there are people who believe that there is no bad magic.

The more that I think about it, the more that I start to agree with those people.

There is not really bad magic, just a bad way of presenting and framing the magic.

To give you this point, let me tell you a story of an effect that I used to do and how it changed.

The fingerprint card trick.

The finger print card trick is an effect from Dai Vernon published in the first book of the Vernon chronicles. The first time when I read this effect I loved it and I performed it a lot.

I loved the effect until my opinion about good magic changed.

When my opinion on magic changed I started to see the more magical side of effects, instead of the surprise and sucker sides of effect. I started to see how we as magicians can give people a truly magical experience instead of a surprise shock followed by a WHAT THE FUCK!

Sadly enough for me this effect, the finger print card trick fell under those surprise effects. With pain in my heart, I had to retire the effect.

I thought I would never do the effect again, until one day. One day I was revisiting the Vernon chronicles and I started talking with a genius magician from Las Vegas by the name of Ed Kwon.

When I started to talk with Ed, he explained to me that it is possible to play the finger print card trick in a very magical way, a way where it doesn´t feel like a sucker effect. A way where the audience doesn´t feel cheated or surprised. A way where the effect is truly magical.

Up to this day, the finger print card trick is one of my favourite effects for walk-around magic. If I play the audience and the effect right, I frame the effect in the proper light, than the effect turns into a true miracle.

The point behind this is to keep looking at effects, even if they don´t make too much sense in the beginning. Keep looking at them and search for different ways of interpreting them, presenting them and framing them.

You might just end up with a true and unique miracle.



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