Interview with Julia Grewdahl about Cardistry

Why did you started cardistry?

I thought it looked really cool! Before cardistry, I did magic and before/during that time I also built a lot with lego (weapons, candy machines). I liked the "odd" things or the things people didn't expect me to like and cardistry was one of those things that just stuck with me.

• What are the first moves you have learned?

Most of the first things I learned were false cuts because I thought that was cardistry but the first "actual" thing I learned was "The Werm", I thought it looked awesome! I can't remember what I learned after that but I remember that a guy (Axel Peters), taught me a lot, like Barolo 2 and Above The Horizon.

• Where did you get your inspiration from?

I watched a lot of cardistry videos from The New Deck Order and The Virts. The cardistry community also inspired me a lot, I have Axel Peters to thank for making me wanna learn new things and introducing me to the world of creating original flourishes hahah.

• How often do you practise your moves?

Practically every day, all day. I always have a deck of cards with me. My school is/was somewhat chill, compared to other schools, so the teachers let me do cardistry in class so I even got in some practice during school hours. I never feel finished with a flourish so I try to perfect it as much as possible, I only have a couple original cuts but those feel the most difficult to get down properly.

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• What is your favourite move?

That I can do, probably Curly Cucu or Dump by Frank Sung. There are so many good flourishes though so it's hard to pick just one.

• What do you think about the development of cardistry?

In general I think the development is great. There are so many good people in the cardistry community, not just as cardists but also as human beings.
When I first started out three years ago or something, I thought cardistry was just a bunch of flashy cuts and fans but there's so much you can do with it. But as I want cardistry to grow and become more acknowledged I also want it to be this kind of underground thing hehe.

• What are your personal tips for beginners?

Know that you can break the rules of cardistry. Experiment, don't think that cardistry is just packet cutting or fanning or whatever. There are a bunch of things you can do with cardistry that people probably haven't thought about yet. And don't worry about knowing the coolest or flashiest moves or not, learn in your own speed.



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