Learn Tabled magic

“I don’t learn magic that uses a table because I only do walk around”

The above is a sentence that I have heard a lot from a lot of different magicians. This is not a weird thing to say because I used to be the same way…..

When I started out with magic I used to learn magic from youtube. I learned magic from the youtube channels and most of this stuff was made for walk-around. It was usually called “Street magic”.

However, There came one point when I started to read magic books. The two first magic books I ever bought were probably “Dai Vernons inner card trilogy” and “Lessons in card mastery, Darwin Ortiz”.

Both of these books are a great point to start to learn better magic and I loved these books. However, These books are both focused on magic that uses a table, especially Darwin Ortiz’s book.

When I started to read these books a lot of things changed for my magic.

Because I started to read these books my magic started to improve both for tabled but also for walk-around. Learning magic that uses a table actually helps you improve your magic for walk-around.

My magic changed so much from it that it started to stand out from the magic that other people were doing. Even though I just started out with magic.

Doing gigs today I even use a table for walk-around magic. Whenever there is a table I want to sit down with the people at that table and show them great magic. Having the table is great because when sitting down you start to become a part of the group.

Sitting down and using a table changes the dynamic from “Me vs you” to “Us”.


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