Lessons from books: The Power of Now

Eckhard Tolle wrote a best seller in the year 1997, this was one year before my birth.

“The Power of now, A guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”.

I want to say that this book helped me a tremendous amount both in and outside of magic.

If you have been following the blog for a longer time, you know that I am a fan of searching for books outside of magic to enhance our magical performance. When we become more conscious and interesting human beings, our magic increases by tremendous amounts.

The power of now made me aware of a phenomenon that I want to dub “performance mode”.

Performance mode is basically automatically performing and doing your routines. This can be very useful for when you have a bad day because you are assured of a good performance.

The thing that I noticed, however, is that I am never fully present while I am in performance mode. I am in some kind of trance and even the interaction with my audience seems to be automatic however, it doesn’t feel conscious for me.

The performance might be very good but I am not fully enjoying it and it is over in a ruse.

This is a shame because it is a truly beautiful feeling to perform and share something valuable with a big group of people.

The power of now has taught me to be more conscious while I am performing and to live more in the moment. This means that I am enjoying my performance 100% more, and at the same time, it means that I can send a more present and conscious vibe to my audience.

Being more conscious of the now transforms a performance from watching it, to an experience.



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  • Santiago Ramírez Orozco

    No puedes dar el 100% en modo rendimiento. Hay que interactuar con el público y cada día el público es distinto

  • Bart Uriot

    Sounds great, I know what you mean with performance mode. I will buy the book as well!

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