Love thy magic.

Is the magic commandment that I will give you on the last day of the blog.

Love is very important for magic. Love is the underlying emotion in everything.

Each and every emotion will eventually lead you to love.

This is also very important because your audience can feel it.

If you do magic, do magic that you love, magic that you find beautiful and magic that you feel like is worth doing.

Your audience will feel it. Your audience will feel that you love the magic that you are doing, instantaneously it makes your magic more pleasant and interesting to watch.

I once had a vision for my magic.

The vision was that people would look at it and they would be left in awe. People didn’t want to speak because they had seen something magical and beautiful. This was what I wanted to achieve with my magic.

But, I could never figure out why people started to scream. I thought maybe I couldn’t reach my vision and it made me feel unworthy and sad.

Later I discovered how much more magic there was around. How much different effect there were and how much options I had as a magician. I was never so excited. I started to learn more and more about magic.

Instead of commercial effects, I started to learn effects from books that I found beautiful and this was the basis for creating my own magic. This was one of the most gratifying things to do for me. To create and perform magic that I found beautiful.

Today I do the magic that I find beautiful, magic that speaks to me, magic that makes me happy and in love.

Not only does performing this magic make me feel more satisfied and joyful. It also leaves the audience behind in awe. In the exact state where I want my audience to be.



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