Magic a synonym for hope

Written by Rico Weeland

Wasn’t it beautiful to be a small child? Everything that we believed or fantasized seemed to be true. Everything was magical. We had no knowledge of how everything worked, and our dreams seemed so reachable. Turning on the light was just like a magic spell ignited the room and calling with your grandparents on the phone seemed like some telekinetic spell. Wasn’t it great to be so young, so unknowing?

Magic is a synonym for hope. As we learn more about the world magic starts to disappear around us. The things that seemed so magical get traded-in for things that seem logical. As we learn more about the world we start to think less and accept more. But with this same acceptance, our childhood dreams seem more and more unreachable. Not for all of us, but for some of us this is the reality. Childhood dreams sometimes get traded in for adult dreams. It is like my mom who never stops to talk about beginning her own little cafe. It would make her eternally happy to have a little diner with fresh plant-based dishes.

We need this magic in our lives. Because the moment when we see a magic trick we get transported into another dimension. For just a few moments, a few hearts beat. The reality right here right now doesn’t matter and we live in the world of possibilities. For just a moment logic doesn’t matter and we see what we believe in. magic doesn’t happen in the hands of the magician but in the minds of the audience. Magic happens when the audience believes it happens. The magician is just there to validate their beliefs.

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