Magical gesture

A few weeks ago my friend from London called me, Alvaro Perez Berbel. He wanted to talk with me about his new and upcoming book (which is looking promising).

While talking about his book, he shared a few routines with me. One of these routines was his version of the Homing card (Card to pocket).

This was the moment when I was introduced to fictional magic. A few weeks later I met Mario Lopez at the Dutch Festival of magic and again I was taken by fictional magic, and recently a friend of mine send me a magazine article about (you guessed it), Fictional magic!

Fictional magic is a beautiful concept and I will be sure to write something about it when I’m further in my research.

One thing that fictional magic pointed me towards was the importance of the magical gesture. I’ve been thinking about this before already, we can’t use the same magical gesture for everything. It is lame, and it would be like using the same spell for everything.

When I started to think more about this, I realized that a magical gesture is even a queue of some sorts. It lets the audience realize that the moment of magic is about to happen and they can even imagine the magic happening in their imagination.

If you establish the magical gesture in the right way, the audience knows what to do and what has happened before they have actually seen it.

I want you to play a bit with this and see how this makes your magic stronger, I have the feeling that it will change your game.


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  • Santiago Ramírez Orozco

    Pues se necesita un buen repertorio de gestos mágicos

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