A good friend of mine has a book about mastery.

About 1 year ago I was reading a few chapters in his book. I read something along the lines of “Mastery is lazy”.

After thinking about that sentence for a while I finally got it. Mastery is lazy because it is the most efficient way of doing something. That means getting to the desired and best result with the least amount of steps possible.

If you truly master a sleight. You will be able to do the sleight, only moving the muscles that are required to get the result. Moving the muscles precisely that is.

Vernon always used to say that we have to love practice as magicians. If we don’t love to practice we can better pick up another hobby, like stamp collecting.

The common argument against practice is “I don’t have enough time”, “I prefer to work on scripts than to practice” or “The presentation is more important to the audience”.

I can agree that that the presentation is a very important part of the routine, if not the most important part. However, as Ascanio used to say, if you only flash a little bit the illusion is ruined and people wake up from the dream.

The problem with practice is usually not that you don’t have enough time to master a certain sleight.

It is usually that you haven’t interpreted the information correctly. Sometimes you might read over a small thing, these small things can make a world of difference. Changing 1 small point of pressure or 1 small finger adjustment can make or break a sleight.

Therefore, I recommend that you: read the sleight --> try it a little --> read the sleight again to see if you missed something. This should make a huge difference.

Have fun practicing!



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