Perfect What You Know

In magic, it is very easy to get carried away.

The new release comes out.

The new book comes into the mail.

Your friend showed you this great new sleight.

In magic, we easily want to start learning new and more things and we get carried away from the basics.

We often want to learn all of these crazy and great new moves while we haven’t perfected the techniques that we know.


Guys, I’m not perfect, not by far. I have a lot of moves that still need improvement, my shuffles are sometimes still sloppy and my false cuts sometimes look uncontrolled in a bad way. Uncontrolled false cuts can look great though, if they appear to be uncontrolled but are actually really controlled.

However, In my magic, I want to have a touch of mastery in my handling.

I know I still need a lot of improvement, but, I’m completely aware of this.

I want to challenge all of you to not learn anything new for 40 days in magic, use these 40 days to perfect and analyze the technique that you already know.

Who knows, maybe you will discover something you didn’t know.



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  • Markus

    Great post! You are so right man… can’t wait for more :)

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