Perfection vs. Progression - Being a girl in the community!

Cardistry Girls,

When I saw for the first time someone doing Cardistry I was overwhelmed. It looked so elegant, so smooth to learn and so satisfying that I wanted to learn it. As a film maker the first thing I do before starting something new is research. And so, I did it. One of the first things I saw was, that there are not so many girls doing Cardistry. Why is that? The only thing to get an answer to it was to begin with it myself, as a new girl in the community. Another thing that I saw was that the community is about reaching perfection. What if you change this to progression? 

I am a perfectionist, like many Cardists. That this is one of the reasons I was scared to post things when it was not perfect yet. So, I wanted to start Cardistry without having a limit of this so called ‘’perfection’’. To avoid my perfectionism I started the 100 days of Cardistry challenge. It was long, but after all it was nice to not have this limit called perfectness and building experience first. And still, after a year in this awesome community I do every now and then a new challenge to inspire other Cardists to learn new flourishes without a wall in front of them. Everyone can join and give it a try! That’s how I try to be a part of this Community like a Cardistry Girl! 

How is it to be a Cardistry ‘Girl’ in the community? 

I would love to see more girls in the community. Not only because I think they can bring another view and skills here, but also to bring more stability. Sometimes people say that it’s only because I am a girl that the people are following me. I wish it wasn’t true, but unfortunately it’s maybe true. It's not always about the content you make, but also about you as a person.. I don’t like being an 'girl' exception in this way. Even if it gives me more views or followers. I am just a Cardist, who likes to be creative with video and cards like everyone else in the community. And being a girl shouldn’t matter for what I make.  

All I want is challenging myself and others with another goal then perfection. After all it is still the thing we all looking for even when we try not to. And inspiring more girls to join the Cardistry Family would be awesome! Let’s see what the future will bring us :D 

Lot’s of love,

Cardistry Girl

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