Practice and rehearsal

Practicing and rehearsing are two different things.

They are both very important but, people often get them wrong.

It is Important to gain a proper understanding of how these concepts can help you in magic.

Practicing magic is the moment when you have just opened the book and you are reading the routine. You start to practice the moves one by one and eventually you put all of the moves together to create the full routine.

After you have done this you start to see if everything fits well together and how it looks.
Practicing is basically the act of practicing and breaking up a routine bit by bit and starting over again when ever you want.

Rehearsal is a different story however.
When you are rehearsing a routine it is important to do it as if you would do it for another person.
This means that you would do the whole routine with the script. This will get you adjusted to your script.
But it also means that if you screw up a move That you have to save yourself and still make an effect. This is a great way of practicing outs but, it also means that you will put down the best performance possible when you go out.


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