Practice Tips on Seconds and Bottoms

With us all being in quarantine from the Corona Virus, I suspect that the magicians and cardists out there are practicing like crazy, having fun and experimenting with new material.

So what better time is there to learn how do Bottom and Second deals? Or, of course, If you are already familiar with them to make them even better.

 When I Just started to get serious about magic, About 5 years ago, I was practicing bottoms and Seconds like crazy. I would practice for 10 hours a day, doing non-stop seconds and bottoms, even tough they got a lot better from that, they are not nearly as good as I want them to be, however, looking back at those times I noticed that I was doing some useful things that sped up my learning process.

 To me the secret to learn moves such as second deals and bottom deals faster is: variation.

This is applicable to most moves in magic, and other than it speeding up the practice process its also extremely fun, it can turn mundane repetitive practice into something fun!

 So how do we apply this variation you might ask? (Or not).

In the case of bottoms and seconds there are some very simple variations such as: second dealing out the entire deck the first time and the second time you sail every card while second dealing. You could also alternate tops and seconds, or Tops, bottoms and seconds.

You could also imitate a poker game and deal the seconds and bottoms to different positions.

 The point is that there are enough variations to play with and usually you can even find some routines which would use the move, for example; “Merlins lost ace trick” or “Call to the Colors”.

 Play with this, experiment and see how it improves your learning and if it doesn’t, at least its fun.





Merlins lost ace trick can be found in “expert card technique”


Call to the colors can be fund in “Drawing room Deceptions”

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