Reading "BAD" Magic

“BAD” magic. What does bad magic mean?

Bad is a subjective word to give to something when we don’t like it. We also give something the word bad when we see it as something useless or something that we think really sucks.

This doesn’t mean that it is evil.

Some people say that there is no bad magic out there, just bad performers.

Even though I agree that most effects can even be brought in a very magical way even if the essence of the effect wasn’t that magical. I still think there are effects which are just not great.

I used to get really frustrated when I would read magic that I would consider “Bad”, “Useless”, “Inefficient”, ETC.

But, After thinking about this for a while I came to the conclusion that even the “Bad” stuff is very useful for us as magicians and it is defiantly worth reading.

A lot of magic in books that one would never use can still be very valuable because, it expresses a certain idea, technique or subtly which can be very useful for you otherwise.

Another reason to read it is that you might find a plot that you actually like, just not the method. From this point, you can start to do further research on the plot and come up with a method that you seem fit.

A final reason to read it is that you can see what doesn’t work. This is also very valuable information. To know what works and doesn’t work for you.

After I realized all of those reasons, I started to really enjoy reading "Bad" magic and I started to learn so much more useful things!

I hope all of you will start to read a bit more magic, even if you think it is bad.


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