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In earlier blogs, I expressed my opinion about books.

About reading books for creativity.

Reading books for the sake of art and about reading books multiple times.

It might be that some of you are wondering which books to read now.

Because the truth is that some books are better than other books. Some books will help you to build a great basis and some books won´t help you at all as a beginner.

There are even some books which seem easy but you can´t fully appreciate those books until you start to gain a proper baseline in magic.

This blog is dedicated to explaining you some books for every level. Not only will these books be good for the level you are on but they will also help you to transcend into the next level.


Cards: Royal road to card magic

Coins: bobo’s coin magic

Everything: Tarbel


Cards: expert card technique and Dai Vernon inner card trilogy

Coins: expert coin magic

Everything: Stars of magic (mostly cards tough)


Cards: The card magic of Paul Le Paul (This book is not that hard, but I feel you can’t fully appreciate it without a bigger understanding of magic) & Expert at the card table

Everything: Greater magic


-Magic of Ascanio vol. 1. The Structural Conception of Magic

-Books of wonder (These have a lot of great routines as well as theory).

-Strong magic



Here are some interesting mentions for books that have interesting ideas:

-By Forces unseen

-The Secrets of Brother John Hamman


All of the books above would build you a good baseline for magic (except for the interesting books, they are just interesting). If you are still searching to expand your library than anything from Dai Vernon is a good buy.

Also Please don’t overlook theory books in magic.

You might be a good mechanic at one point. But, magic consists of more than just technical skill.


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