Reading magic fo academic purposes

We go to university to study in a degree.

Luckily enough magic is not a degree you can study at university, yet.

I´m saying luckily enough because I would be sure that I would hate it if I could.

That aside, when we are studying at Uni we often research things which at first sight wouldn´t really come in handy. Then 2 years later you realize why you learned that one thing.

We learn about a lot of different subject in university for one specific degree.

Why would magic be any different?

If you study magic there are multiple things that you can study.

Lets start within magic.

A lot of time I hear. “I don’t want to read this book/source because the moves in there are hard. Even if I  could do them I would never use them”.

Some of those moves are not meant to be used. But, it teaches us something very interesting it teaches our fingers and us, different way to move cards around in the deck.

Even if we will never use a certain routine, the knowledge of knowing it might open new doors for us.


Lets take a look outside of magic.

I never used to study anything outside of magic. I just used to study magic, specifically card magic all the time. My magic was strong for close-up but there was no way it could play for a bigger audience. This sometimes made me feel a little bit insecure about my magic.

Then about 1 year ago I started to perform monthly, at the Amsterdam magic show. Fritz (The organizer of the show). Started to push me to do stage and as I wanted to do stage stuff I had to learn more things. I had to research some theater sources and I had to research more magical theory.

I started to research magical acts and a lot of other things.

Even though I still have a long way to go for the stage. The simple act of me knowing a lot of it makes me feel more save and confident on stage.

I’m very lucky to have people around me that help me with my magic.

But, I would have never gotten those people around me without reading as much as I did.


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