Reading stuff "We do not need"

About 3 years ago I came across a sentence in a book from Darwin Ortiz. I can´t even describe how valuable this sentence is. But since we are communicating through a written platform, I will do my best.

I can remember the exact sentence, but the main idea was something along the following lines: “Read everything in a magic book, even if you don't need it".

So often while reading magic I was thinking “I don’t need this move, I would never do this routine or this principle is not really useful for me”. So I would just skip those things and don’t even bother reading them.

However, the more we read about new things the bigger our understanding and mental field of possibilities become. Reading the stuff we don’t need at that moment doesn’t only give us a broader field of thinking and possibilities. It will also help us a lot in the future.

There have been countless times when I have read about a move and the mechanics of a move and that I came up with an idea 2 years later where the exact move could be used. Because I read the move, my mind could imagine the possibility of using that exact move.

I could also directly go back to the book and search the move to learn the move exactly as it was intended.

The bottom line of it all is that knowledge that you learn today in magic might help you in the future and if it doesn’t at least you learned new ways to move items around that you didn’t know about before.

Experiment some and you might find some really cool things you would not have found otherwise.



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