Searching Magic Outside Of Magic.

Whaaaaaat? Two blogs in one day?

Yeah, Today I decided to post two blogs because, Yesterday I forgot to upload the blog entry (Sorry guys, I love you but some days I am busy).

Today for my second blog entry I want to talk about, searching magic outside of magic.

I have heard from many great magicians that they all have hobbies and interest outside of magic.

Like Tamariz says “You have to be an interesting person to be an interesting magician”. If your interior world in interesting your magic is going to be interesting but if you have a boring interior world, most likely the magic is going to be boring.

I did not know this in the beginning.

I used to perform magic in a very simple way, by telling what I was doing. As they say in theater “show don’t tell”. This would still get good reactions but, the reactions were not as strong as they could be.

I started to realize that I could use presentations form my other interests in magic.

Use the prop as a metaphor to express an idea or thought. I started to use magic history, spirituality, philosophy and many other things in the presentations of my magic. The result was that people started to become more engaged. But, the most important thing was that I became more interested in my magic, I light up when I start to perform and I even enjoy performing way more than before.

This is the thing, have hobbies outside of magic and they will help you to become a better and more interesting magician.


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