Sharing magic

I love to talk about magic.

I love to share magic.

I love to share magic with magicians.

Whenever I go somewhere to lecture one of my favorite moments is always to sit down with the magicians that have been to the lecture and share a nice cup of coffee.

But why is this my favorite moment?

Whenever I lecture and share magic I love to inspire people. It is an act where I hope to provide value to the other person. To inspire the other person. But most of all, to make the other person a better magician.

As well in his own eyes as in the eyes of the audience.

We as magicians are sometimes very stuck up in a culture where we protect all of our secrets, even from magicians who we are friends with.

I totally agree with protecting a secret if you feel like no one that you know is ready for it yet. However, when you share it, you will usually find that you start to understand your piece of magic even better.

The other person might give you useful insights, but most of all you start to gain a better personal understanding.

some people say that you don’t truly understand something until you can explain something to another person.

This is a very interesting point when you are thinking about magic and showing people magic. Can you explain every move/ technique in your act?

Are you able to exactly explain why you are doing certain things and how to execute them?

These are questions you can even ask yourself when you are not sharing your magic with other magicians. However, who starts to share will see that it is impossible to truly share and get nothing in return.

Share with the world and the world shall give back.


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