Spiritual experience

I was talking with a friend yesterday and he told me “Rico your magic can improve from things you might not relate to it”.

My friend is a Mind Syntropy practitioner. He told me that my magic can improve if I improve as a person. As my level of consciousness improves my magic will improve with it.


Because magic is part of an experience. The experience of magic comes from both the effects that are shown as well as the performer who performs them.

Let look at Malini, Malini’s magic was great. However, in the book “Vernon on Malini” it is mentioned multiple times that Malini got such great reactions because of his personality.

I experience it first hand because I changed in some way or shape, my magic changed tremendously.

When I was doing close-up magic It always felt a little bit like an act. It felt like I was playing an act for the people and showing them magic as part of the act. I never felt too much connected with the audience, and it felt like the audience didn’t feel too connected either.

Then with my friend, I started to work on sinking into my feelings. This was a great thing. Because I started to sink into my feelings I became more connected with my environment. I started to feel more connected with the people I was performing for and it started to feel more real for me, less like a play.

Today I can perform magic in my feelings. I improved on a spiritual and on a human level. I feel 100% connected to my audience and I feel like I and my audience create a little intimate moment of magic together.

This has led to some people even saying to me “You are different from other magicians, You don’t simply do tricks”.



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