Stop handicapping yourself!

I love to give people a magical experience, my favorite tool to do this with is a deck of cards.

Today I was thinking what advice would I give my younger self that just started to handle a deck of cards? The Answer might surprise you and it excites me a lot.

The short answer is: to stop handicapping my self, however, the longer answer needs some explanation.

When I started to handle cards and I got into more table work based magic, I quickly discovered that it is normal for a magician that handles cards to use a close-up mat. So I did as every starting magician did and I bought a close-up mat.

But, having this mat brought me an underlying annoyance that I couldn’t solve. I could do all of these wonderful tabled routines, but, I could only do them with my mat. If the mat was not there I simply couldn’t handle the cards as gracefully. This was a point that annoyed me, because, I could never do any of the beautiful magic I learned when I didn’t control the circumstances, as is the case with most of my gigs.

I started to look at how other magicians were doing it. Some of them walk around with the close-up mat in their hands or they take a crumbled mat from their pocket and it just looked stupid and childish to me. If you could really handle a deck of cards well and you could do magic with them, why would you walk around with such a mat?

But of course, the answer is very simple. We just have to stop handicapping ourselves, we have to learn how to handle a deck of cards on a table without a mat or any fluffy finish on the table. Realizing this answer felt liberating and it resulted in a more magical experience for my audience!

I would tell my younger self: “Rico stop handicapping yourself and learn how to handle cards on a table without a close-up mat” If I would have started to do this earlier I could’ve done a lot of greater magic on gigs and made a more magical expression on my audience.

I hope that you learn from the advice that I would give to little Rico and start to learn how to handle cards without a mat.


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  • Santiago Ramírez Orozco

    Hay manipulaciones que son muy dificiles sin un tapete

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