The Art of Allowing

I think that in a social context we all have an ideal image of how we want to see ourselves. Some days we have a social meeting and we come back and we are really happy with how we presented ourselves and some days it just feels like we did a shit job and we wished we had one better.

What we don´t realize is that it was an illusion that we could have done better at that moment and that other people very often perceived us in a different way than we think.

Knowing this we can a very nice but for some people a very scary thing, we can allow ourselves to feel whatever we feel at that moment.

Do you feel sad?
Just be sad!

Do you feel fearful?
Just be Fearful!

Do you feel happy?
Just be happy!

I think you start to understand what I mean now, just feel whatever way you feel in that moment. We very often think that we should behave or feel a certain way to make other people like us, to get approval and to feel good about ourselves.

But, Here is the secret. If you just feel whatever way you feel, you will realize that you can deal with that emotion, its nothing bad and it is even a pleasant thing to feel. Just tell yourself that it's all good to feel whatever way you feel.

The nice thing about this is that you will be way happier, calmer, present and people will feel a deeper connection with you.

It will make you do whatever you are doing much better and it will make you feel human and authentic, instead of the bullshit image that you want to show to the world.

But most important of all, it will make you accept you.



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