The crucial mistake we make in magic

I was recently in London and I had a wonderful talk about magic with an amazing magician called Shane Cobalt. After we departed I was left thinking and something crucial hit me.

We are seeing the most difficult move in magic as a beginners move.

Yes, The move I am talking about is the double lift!

Some people might say “What the double lift difficult? It is one of the easiest moves out there”. Before you judge me just hear me out.

The double lift is considered one of the hardest moves in magic. We are trying to imitate turning over 1 card on top, this move is so incredibly difficult because it should look like 1 card. This means that the action of the double lift should look exactly the same as turning over 1 card.

I have rarely encountered a magician where his double looks like his single lift, yet we keep seeing the double lift as a beginners move.

A lot of the time a spectator that knows a little about magic can spot the move instantly when it doesn’t look like a single, yet we keep seeing the double lift as a beginners move.

Of course, it is not weird that we see the double lift as a beginners move.

This one little move allows us to create small little miracles and it allows us to do a lot of effects while only learning 2 moves: a control and the double lift.

However, a lot of routines that require the double lift have the move in a moment where the deck is being burned (like the ambitious card), these are the routines where the move is the most difficult.

I would suggest that you first start practicing second deals and controls and then later focus on the double lift.

Doing this you will find that the second deal actually helps you a lot doing the double lift.


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