These books keep changing!

I’m one of the people who is of the opinion that it is better to read 10 books over and over again than to read 1000 different books.


As we learn more in life and we move into different states of consciousness, the way that we interpret stuff changes.

This means that as soon as you have a great insight and you pick up a book which you’ve read a thousand times, The content you get from the book changes. Of course, the new content that you read has always been there, you were just not able to see it before.

I share this opinion for every book based in spiritualism and “Self-help”. However, with magic, I’m quite hesitant to have this opinion. This is because there is so much stuff to discover within the subject of magic and you can learn so many cool new principles in so many different places.

Even though we can learn so many cool new things for magic. I still think that it would be good to have a few books to keep revisiting as we learn more about magic. The way I do it right now is to keep revisiting certain books, like the books from Vernon, “expert at the card table” and “the card magic of Paul le paul”

I keep going back to these few books and every time that I read these books I discover something new, something I didn’t see there before.

What is even better sometimes, I thought a routine wasn’t that good or that something wouldn’t work.

The moment I was reading the same book again 1 year later something just snapped and the same routine that looked bad before was certainly the greatest routine in the world.

Something that looked like it wouldn’t work started to work and was even better than methods which I believed to be superior.

When reading these books I always imagine the material to be perfect. The more you learn, the closer you get to the true ideas of the author. These ideas will show up when revisiting the books.

Now pick up some books and read!




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