Magic used to feel real. Some might even consider that if it feels real, it is real.

Magicians used to be really good. Because everything they made was made from their minds and it was original.

Magic had the power to start religions. People were burned over magic and it was even used in a lot of religious rituals.

Today, however, magic is presented as just a trick. The magic industry is giving us the wrong message. “You can buy your magic” or “It has to be extremely difficult and skillful”.

Both messages above are completely false. Most of the best magic takes a lot of time in practice and thinking. Plus, some of the most beautiful magic is extremely simple.

A lot of us just lost our magic touch. We do magic for egocentric purposes, to show other people how clever we are. People might think “Cool”. But, in some way people don’t really care.

We might present our magic as a trick because we know, that the audience knows that it is a trick.

However, if you believe and give it a proper presentation it goes from a trick to an illusion.

It is not about the moment after the effect. It is about the moment where the effect happens.

The moment where you can transport an audience to a world, where for a brief moment they do believe in magic.

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