Why I stopped uploading magic on social media

The people who know me will know that I am not a big fan of magic on online platforms.

Some platforms and kinds of magic I find more tolerable than others.

However, most magic isn’t for Instagram and Facebook.

Hey, guys, I am not perfect, I used to blindly follow the crowd as well.

I used to post the most difficult sleights I could do on Instagram and I used to post daily videos of new effects on Facebook.

In the beginning, doing this was great, because, I had a new audience and It motivated me like crazy to practice more and more. But, it never truly satisfied me. It gave me a temporarily rush of adrenaline from the likes and comments I was getting, but I still felt empty.

Not empty in the sense of searching for a purpose, empty in the sense of knowing there was a way bigger potential in my magic.

Later I discovered that if you phrase magic in the right way, it becomes much more meaningful, this is a kind of meaning and experience that is best experienced in person, together with a real audience.

Doing magic in person transforms magic into something completely different. Magic turns into art, into an experience, instead of it being a quick distraction on someone’s phone.

I started to see how much more impact magic had on people when it was done in person, how much stronger it is and how much longer the impact on people lasts.



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  • Bart Uriot

    So true! Really nice blog Rico! Keep them coming :)

  • Michael Vincent

    I couldn’t agree more
    The internet is full of arm chair theorist ready to pass judgement.
    A real audience will you the truth; you suck or your fantastic. A like post online means nothing. So what?
    How does a like compare to the gasp of astonishment.
    I did give up my life for online hero worship or a distracted pat on the back.
    Walk on Rico

  • Santiago Ramírez Orozco

    Así es, totalmente de acuerdo

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