Why We Do Magic?

Recently I was struggling a lot with one question "why do we do magic?”.

Why do we do this specific art? This art of Foolery? This Art of Amazement?

I couldn’t figure out why and this went so deep, that even for just a moment I was really depressed about something that gave me everything in my life.

I thought: there must be a higher purpose in magic, something that makes magic art, it can’t just be mindless entertainment giving people a kick or something they don’t understand.

For just a moment magic seemed meaningless to me and the more meaningless it started to look, the more I started to discover its true meaning.

I started to think “What is the higher purpose of other arts?”. To that question there are multiple answers, but, I will give you the answers that relate to magic for me.

Art has the ability to transfer someone’s inner world to the outside world, to show people what and how you are thinking. To show people how you are perceiving the world and to make a statement.

Art also has the ability to let people think about what is important. The instrument we choose to transfer art with is just a medium. You can do it with a violin, a tuba, a painting or even while cooking. It is a transformative experience that lets the audience leave differently than when they entered the experience.

That is the purpose of magic, to give people the feeling for just a few seconds that what you are doing is real, to give them the feeling of the impossible, to make them think about their own world and to give them a beautiful and transformative experience.


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