AEY Catcher Playing Card Box (12 decks)

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"A super slick, very professional looking, high-end playing card box. I know a lot of people who have been waiting for one of these, and now it's here." - Birger Karlsson (Cardist from Stockholm, Sweden)


It is a beautiful, high-class playing card box, especially designed to keep your favourite decks safe & protected, allowing you to take them with you to your cardistry or magic jam-sessions and impress your friends – how cool is that! 

You and your cards deserve something extraordinary. 

Now you can finally have a stylish, fresh and high-class playing card box with a minimalistic design in which each of your decks will feel comfortable. Yeah!

And you can choose from any of these two AEY Catcher Playing Cards Boxes to best meet your needs to carry, display or store your decks: You can get the Big Box to give a home to your top 12 Decks. 

If this is too big for you – which we can totally understand – then you can alternatively (or in addition) choose the Small Box which caters for 5 Decks.