5 Cardistry Tips for Beginners by Birger Karlsson

Where are you from and when have you started doing cardistry?
I'm from Stockholm, Sweden and began doing cardistry back in 2010.
Have you travelled a lot because of your passion?
Since I started I have travelled to New York, Berlin and Los Angeles to attend Cardistry-Con, but I've been invited to several other cities too. Apart from that I've had a couple of gigs in different parts of Sweden. 
Can you decribe your "own style" of Cardistry?
I've gotten this question quite a few times throughout the years but have somehow never been able to answer it in a way that has made me content. Same goes for now. I really just try to do whatever I think looks cool or interesting. 
What are your TOP 5 Tips for beginners?
1. Roam youtube! 
2. Try to learn everything you think looks cool.
3. Don't let lack of tutorials stop you from learning a move. Once you've got the fundamentals down there's nothing stopping you from just watching performances over and over and over, playing them in slow motion over and over and over, pausing the video at every frame if needed. Figuring a move out by yourself might appear more difficulties but you'll get a way better understanding of how cards act when held or moved in a specific way. This will make you a way better cardist, quicker. 
4. Be patient(!!). Don't quit just because you've stumbled upon a move you think is too difficult. Learn another one instead! There's no better way to see your progress than to go back to a move you once couldn't do, now being able to do it. 
5. Don't force yourself to do cardistry if you don't think it's fun. I don't know for what reason you would want to do that, but don't. Drop it. You're more than welcome to pick it up again if you change your mind.
What do you wish for the cardistry community in the future?
I hope from the bottom of my heart that the community will stay as helpful, friendly and welcoming as it was to me when I had just started. 


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