Cardistry in magic

The age-old question “Can cardistry and magic be performed in the same performance?”

I’m not here to give you an answer to this question, I’m just here to give you my opinion on this question and hopefully give you something to think about.

In my opinion, there is a place for cardistry in magic. But, it is a place which is very hard to find.

I would consider cardistry in magic as a special effect that you can add to your magic. In my opinion, very few cardistry flourishes are transferable to magic.

At least to my magic

When I do magic it is my intention to give the audience a magical experience. Showing them crazy packet cuts is not a part of that picture for me.

However, some moves in cardisty are perfectly transferable.

Remember that cardistry comes from the card flourishes that magicians used to use to enhance the magical effect.

The book Greater Magic even has a whole chapter just on fanning cards.

A move which I consider to be great in magic is the riffle fan.

There is only one place where I use the riffle-fan tough and that is in an in the hands' triumph.

I present the triumph as a time-traveling effect. The effect starts off with the deck in a fan.

At the end of the routine (Where we go back in time) a riffle fan is made and it looks like the deck is fanning itself back in time. This is an example of adding a special effect to magic.

I hope this gives you something to think about. I don’t believe in using cardistry in magic when it is to show off. However, I believe in using cardistry in magic to enhance the magic.


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