Going Back

Lets go back but, back to what exactly?

Lets go back to books that we haven’t read in a while!

Sometimes we read books at the beginning of our journey and never look at them again.

“I read them and I know what is in them”.

This was a thought that I used to have.

Now, lets go back a little bit.

I used to just read a book, put it back in my bookshelf, and only go back whenever I needed a routine/technique from that book. I realize now that this stopped me from fully mastering a routine with the current knowledge and technique that I have.

Today I was reading the Dai Vernon inner card trilogy again. I was reading it and I stumbled upon a beautiful effect. The effect was Vernon’s color changing deck.

I read this effect even tough I have my own color changing deck routine, which I prefer to perform.

When reading it something snapped in me. I was reading it, as a result, I realized something for my own color changing deck routine.

It just hit me, This was the part that I have never been happy about!

I just knew how to fix it. Vernon’s routine remembered me about the essence of the effect.

I got this essence so much better now that I am reading the book 3 years later.

Go back some things that you haven’t for a while. You might find a beautiful effect that you could never appreciate before!



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