Grounding is a technique which is used a lot in theater.

The moment I learned about grounding I didn´t know that it was a theater technique. I only found out about that later when a friend of mine told me about it.

The way I came to the discovery of grounding was because I wanted to make my magic more human and intimate.

I started to talk with a good friend of mine about exactly that. He suggested that I would try to feel my feet as I was doing magic.

My friend is a life coach who right now coaches on happiness and `Removing the blocks to your dreams` as he would put it. However, before he coached on those subjects, he used to coach on feelings.

He told me that if you can feel your feet while you talk you are `in your feelings`. Being in your feelings means that you feel what you are actually are feeling what you feel (While performing in our case).

Feeling what you are feeling while performing doesn´t mean that you have to act it out. If you feel sad for example, it doesn´t mean that you have to act out this sadness. But, it means that you can still feel it and act differently.

Interestingly enough the act of only feeling your true feeling while performing makes the experience a lot more human and intimate.

The most interesting thing is that even if you were to act out your sadness in some way and you are perfectly fine with feeling that way, people won´t really mind. People don´t mind you feeling sad and might even enjoy your performance more as long as you accept the feeling and you are fine with it.

Another very nice thing about grounding is that it removes a lot of nerves. It places you more in the moment and frees you from the crazy thought cycle of everything that could go wrong.

Try to do this while you performing next time.

Breath through your nose and focus on your feet for at least 3 seconds.

Become aware of your breathing and of your feet contacting the ground.

Relax a little in this state and then go on stage or approach the group of people you have to approach. (This might even help you while performing cardisty) 

You will truly feel the difference.



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