How to level up your cardistry videos instantly!

We will share five great tips for beginners and experts right now!

Search for a unique spot outside

Since the community is really active all over the world the most people live in lots of different countries of course. Our world is beautiful so why not sharing a nice spot in your hometown?

Our rooms look all the same – that's boring! So. Search for a spot which fits to style of the video you want to film. The background is really important. It can be a nice pattern for example with many different colors. Colors? If you use AEY Catcher playing cards for example the background should fit to the colors of the deck. Also there should be a contrast! Black on black? No go.

Wearing a pyjama? No. Get dressed well!

Before you start with filming the video think about which cards you want to use and which clothes would fit to the deck. Again: Contrast is really important.

Do your own thing and be your own king!

Dont try to be like another cardist. You are creative. You are powerful. Express your own style in your video and don't copy anything. YOU are the maker!

Choice of music

Music is really important for your video. Dont use music with million of clicks. Try to find something more unknown but cool! You will get more attention for your videos if you dont use the song as all the other use! Take some time for searching a cool track.

Before you search: Think about what kind of moves you want to film. Are they fast? Are they slow? Mixed? Try to find a song which fits to the speed of your moves.

Be creative. Yes, seriously.

There are so many cool things you can do. Have you thought about an cool intro? Maybe you want to send a message to your audience? Think out of the box! Of course it depends where you want to upload it. Instagram ( 60 sec. ) is maybe a little bit short for a longer video so why not uploading on YouTube. If you film some moves in town you can for example film some cars and catch some city vibes. When you edit you can fade in your name and the name of the video then. After you did that the actual moves begin! Its just an idea and inspiration. Create your own style!



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