Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Rico and I love magic.

I love all kinds of magic, I love the mystical and shady side of magic, I love stage magic, I love magic with playing cards, but most of all I love good magic.

I believe we have been misguided in magic a lot, with the rise of youtube and magic becoming an industry the standard of magic dropped. It is very interesting to see that the people who start with the right sources become very good, very fast. However, the people to start with the wrong sources get stuck in an endless cycle of shit.

I believe however that everyone who has been misguided can still earn his/her spot in the world of proper magic. To do this we have to take some principles into consideration. Principles such as technique, presentation (This is way more than just your talk), simplicity, clearness and much more.

I’ve been studying magic for over 6 years and everyday I keep meeting new amazing people, and I keep finding new amazing principles.

In this blog I would like to share these principles and thoughts with you.

These ideas vary from principles directly related to magic to principles indirectly related to magic, such as motivation for practice and philosophy.

I hope that you will enjoy the blog and if you have any questions, discussion points or if you want to have a chat in general, Hit me up!

You can find me under info@ricoweeland.com

Or on messenger: https://www.messenger.com/t/rico.weeland

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