I will be back

Yesterday I mentioned, “For my last blog”.

With these words I might have upset some of you with the idea that I won’t continue to write blogs for AEY-Catcher.

No worries I will continue to write blogs. The message just meant the last blog of the 1 blog a day month.

Talking about I will be back.

I have something very important to share with you about close-up work.

This is something fast and sweet, however, it will increase your success tremendously.

As a close-up worker we get hired to do certain events and after the event, we just vanish.

But consider this for a moment. If you did your job correctly, you made a connection with your audience. You talked with them and you let them know who you are.

You’ve built a little personal experience with them. If you are with your friends, do you just leave without notice? Usually not really right?

I want you to try to say goodbye to some people in the event when you are done.

Sometimes people have some questions or want to talk a bit with you. It is not a bad thing to make yourself a guest, the people that hire you usually want you to do exactly that.

Try to talk with some people and maybe you might strike up with some amazing conversations.


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