Magic Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship in magic used to be amazing.

At least, I imagine it in a really romantic way.

I imagine learning magic from all of the greats, and the masters would take me under their wing to teach me how to do their magic and why they do their magic in this way.

Actually, this is something that really happened in one way or another.

In my dream……

Haha no.

But it still happened in some way.

3 years ago I heard Vinh Giang talk about “Building your army”.

The idea was simple, with every book that I read I gain new knowledge, after finishing the book and having absorbed all of the knowledge the author of the book joins my army.

I can still learn magic from the greats and it is a truly wonderful thing, the only thing that I have to do is to read and study their works and start to understand why they used to do certain things.

Of course, this is never going to be the same actually sitting down with Vernon. But, From reading enough Vernon and seeing the work as perfect in the beginning stages of learning everything I can start to get closer to Vernon and start to understand why he did things.

This can be done for every master of magic.



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