My Hands are too small!

Recently I started to read a wonderful book, Dai Vernon on Malini.
This book describes the act of Malini and the magic that Malini used to do.
Malini was a wonderful magician who used to perform for the upper class.
Malini was considered a high class performer. He performed for multiple US presidents and for royalty all over the world.
All of the above might sound cool but, the most interesting thing about Malini is that his hands were too small to palm a playing card.
Malini couldn’t get a card in full palm. yet, he used to deceive everyone that watched his magic.
He deceived them so much that he was considered as one of the best conjures of his time (he even deceived with a palm).

Malini could build a giant reputation for himself yet, people always claim “my hands are too small to do this”. Your hands are never too small to do it. Even if they are too small just like Malini’s, than you can always make up for that with other things.
Malini made up for it with an implacable use of misdirection.
Be like Malini and do great magic!



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